Welcome to PT4 Kindness!

Our schools have taken Rachel’s Challenge and our children are learning to spread kindness and show compassion.  As parents and community members, we need to lead the way and do our part in our homes, on our sports fields, in our businesses and throughout the Township.
We hope that you can join us as we work together to promote kindness, spread joy and create a positive, inclusive community to raise our families and do business!

PURPOSE of PT 4 Kindness: to be a catalyst and a partner to make kindness the norm in our community.

PT 4 Kindness will foster the kindness movement by

  • Being a clearinghouse for opportunities and ideas to spread kindness/show compassion
  • Modeling and spreading the kindness messages
  • Promoting kindness conversations
  • Encouraging and facilitating acts of kindness
Connect with Us!
We understand how busy life can be. Stay up to date on events and ways that you can help promote kindness in our community by signing up for our email list. Please note that this email list is not connected to the District and your email will not be shared outside of this effort.